Indoor Air Quality in Tampa, Florida

These days many homeowners should be as concerned about the air they breathe inside their homes as the air they breathe outside. Our air conditioning company provides you with the expertise and equipment to enhance your home’s indoor air quality for the health of your entire household.

Indoor Air Quality Contributes to a Healthy Home
There have been many technological innovations that enhance the health of your home. Breathing clean, fresh air inside is beneficial for your family. Various components and equipment in an AC and HVAC system filter microscopic particles from the air. These airborne pollutants carry dust, allergens, and mold spores that can result in allergic reactions and contribute to asthma attacks.

In addition, viruses, chemicals, pollutants, hair, and pet dander can circulate around the house over and over, unless removed by filters, sent outside via the vents, or in the case of mold, destroyed by ultraviolet light. Request a free estimate to install indoor air quality equipment in your home today.

Modern Homes Trap Unhealthy Air Inside
Modern homes are more energy-efficient because they are sealed to prevent the air inside from escaping outside and vice versa. Though efficient, sealing does tend to trap pollutants, chemicals, and viruses inside, which is not good for anyone’s health. Our knowledgeable professionals recommend components and equipment that promote the circulation of the cleanest possible indoor air.

How to Improve the Quality of Air Inside of Your Home
Through knowledge and technology, much can be done to remove allergens and pollutants from the air inside. Routine maintenance is an excellent step, as that’s when filters can be checked and changed. In addition, ventilators must be cleaned regularly, so stale indoor air can be ejected and fresh outdoor air can be circulated inside via the ductwork.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers work with the moisture content of inside air. Having the right amount of moisture contributes greatly to the optimal indoor condition of the air, which affects your family’s noses, throats, and lungs.

Ultraviolet lights shine powerful rays on mold spores to prevent them from growing and circulating around the house, while air cleaners are little machines that do a big job in removing more than 90 percent of harmful particles from the air. Ask one of our knowledgeable professionals about improving the indoor air quality of your home.

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